What would you take?

26 Apr

Jolandie's bike - all ready to go!

Tomorrow, April 27, Jolandie Rust will be setting off from Cape Town to begin her 2 1/2 year circumnavigation cycle around Africa. Of course, today is full of last minute preparation and family goodbyes… the road ahead will be a long and difficult one but Jolandie, with Iduka, will be making such a difference to those she meets along the way.

What does one take on such an adventure? Well, first and foremost Jolandie will have her open letter, which is addressed to the African Leaders of each country she will travel through. As Goodwill Ambassador for Iduka, Jolandie will be presenting this letter to African leaders in the hope that it will inspire them to recognising Iduka’s cause in promoting and protecting higher education in Africa.

Second, she will have her djembe drums. These will be her communication tools along the way. No matter what the culture, no matter what the language, Jolandie will reach out to those she meets through the power of music (and the djembe drums are the secret to that power!)

Jolandie's Djembe Drums

Third, she will have her mobile phone – this vital piece of technology will be her only communication tool to contact us here at Iduka. With this we will hear every detail of the journey – the students she connects with, the volunteers she mobilises for Iduka, the African leaders she delivers the open letter to!

And last – but by no means least – she will have everything else… family mementos, a camera, sleeping bag, first aid kit, bicycle repair kit, bicycle lock, water flasks, cooking equipment, hot weather gear, wet weather gear, cold weather gear, helmet, sun hat… the list is long and the bags are overflowing!

If you were embarking on such a journey – 2 1/2 years on the open road with only a bicycle for transport – what “luxury” items would you take? Photos of loved ones? A journal? A musical instrument? Your lucky mascot?

If it was me, I would not leave the house without a journal, a camera, and my favourite novel. In the journal I could record every thought and feeling I have along the way – and it would be a book to treasure forever. I could also use the pages to draw pictures and communicate with those who speak a different language to me. I would take a camera, of course, to record all of the fantastic scenes and people I see and meet – particularly Iduka students and volunteers. Finally, I would take my favourite novel, as it would be like carrying some friends with me on the journey, and may provide some comfort on lonely nights.

What would you take?


2 Responses to “What would you take?”

  1. Turyatunga Bob Maahe April 26, 2011 at 8:56 am #

    In my case l would take or move along a camera and diary to take photos and record whatever comes across. And please update us on the progress of her journey.

  2. chacha alfred mwita April 27, 2011 at 10:31 am #

    just as bob has said a camera will be important in such an adventure n please. visit member universities and en lighted more and more students. wish you all the best.

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