Cycle For Education Day 1… Jolandie Departs From Cape Town

27 Apr

Jolandie Rust departed at 10am this morning for her ‘Cycle For Education’ tour of Africa! Today (27 April) is also known as Freedom Day in South Africa – it is a day that celebrates South African democracy, hope, and opportunity. It couldn’t have been a more fitting day for Jolandie to depart for this epic cycle. Waved off by a crowd of friends and supporters, Jolandie set off on the open road with the sun on her back and the rest of the continent ahead.
Map of Africa – Jolandie begins in Cape Town, S. Africa

 As Iduka’s Good Will Ambassador, Jolandie will be delivering an open letter to African leaders in each country she cycles through, calling on them to promote and protect higher education in Africa. She is due to cross over to Namibia in two weeks or so and there will be many cheering her on along the way.

 Moreover, in partnership with Iduka, Jolandie will be raising funds and awarding scholarships to local students along the way. A vital aspect of this role will be for Jolandie to mobilize volunteers in all African countries! If any of you, the readers, would like to offer your time, support, or even just words of encouragement for Iduka and ‘Cycle For Education’, please raise your voices high and let Iduka know… we can support Jolandie’s dream together.

 The last words on this first day will rest with Jolandie… When asked how she feels about this challenge, she replied, “A little nervous, but very excited! I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time!” Go for it Jolandie! Iduka is behind you every peddle-push along the way.

 *** Departure Day Photos To Follow Shortly ***


One Response to “Cycle For Education Day 1… Jolandie Departs From Cape Town”

  1. Jordan Kaisi April 27, 2011 at 11:14 pm #

    Dear Jolandie, I am really proud of you and you have my support and I am sure the support of many for a noble cause you’ve undertaken. Go Jolandie Go Go Go…. Africa is behind you. Fondest regards, Jordan

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