Updates on Jolandie’s Travels

25 Jul

Here is what Jolandie has been up to since she got back on the road:

Jolandie did two inspirational talks at AS Steenkamp Primary School (Thursday 14th) and MH Greeff Primary School (Friday 16th) in Windhoek… both sponsored by FNB radio. Jolandie said that:

“The talks were just what I needed! It was so uplifting being surrounded by such positivity and excitement. To see those kids light up like that and be so receptive, was really amazing. They were so eager to interact, ask questions and willing to learn. Their enthusiasm gave me a renewed will not to give up.”

Jolandie gave talks at AS Steenkamp Primary School
Jolandie with the kids at MH Greeff

Sat 16th: Saturday’s leg was from Windhoek to Okahandja – 73km. A fine day on the road. Re-starting the journey was certainly tough on Jolandie’s muscles! She camped out, at the Kings Highway Rest Camp next to the road, with Luna happily sleeping next to he. Jolandie is really looking forward to crossing into Angola!!

Luna with a Namibian flag
Sun 17th. On this day Jolandie conquered a couple of Category 2 climbs. A Cat 2 climb is in simplest terms a climb of 500-800 meters. Well done Jolandie!
The last week has been a tough journey to beat the clock so she can cross over to Angola in good time. Make sure you tune in every Thursday to Jacaranda FM to hear the latest updates of Jolandie’s journey.

One Response to “Updates on Jolandie’s Travels”

  1. martha bayuo July 26, 2011 at 8:10 am #

    Bravo Jolandie, good job done and better job ahead.

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