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World Bank Report: The Road to University Excellence MUST Include Investment in Post-Secondary Education.

12 Oct

The World Bank has just published a new book entitled ‘The Road to Academic Excellence: The Making of World Class Research Universities’. The report analysed eleven institutions that have been undergoing transformations in order to become world-class universities. Key elements for success (of course) include: attracting top academic talent in terms of staff and students, an innovative research outlook, and significant financial investment.

The World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC

Perhaps the more surprising conclusion in the report (though not for Iduka) is that ‘outstanding research universities do not operate in a vacuum’. Tertiary (post-secondary) education systems in operation in the country (particularly low and middle income countries) can significantly affect the success of university institutions. If the post-secondary education is lacking, then ultimately the developing university will not be up to scratch.

Whilst not shocking for Iduka supporters, these findings do hammer home the need for more investment in post-secondary education. Africa has the potential to house many world-class university institutions – but first it must support its world-class students. Well done Eric Gitta and Martha Chidiso for being the most recient scholarship recipients to champion Iduka’s post-secondary education cause!


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Another Scholarship Contest Winner

9 Oct

Iduka would like to congratulate, Eric Gitta, the recipient of the most recent scholarship contest election.

Eric is post-graduate student in Education Administration and Management at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.

Eric Gitta, Uganda

This scholarship recognizes Eric’s academic achievement as well as his volunteer work as General Secretary for Substance Abuse and Violence Episode Reduction (SAVER UGANDA), where he exercised his leadership skills in managing the organization’s daily operations.

As with all our scholarships, recipients are asked to serve their communities in meaningful ways. Eric was instrumental in promoting Iduka’s programs to local university students in Uganda during the initial phase of our pilot project . He is now actively reaching out to local rural students through his very own Education for Rural Impecunious Children (ERIC). We commend his dedication to providing basic educational opportunities to rural-African students.

Thanks to everyone who applied and made our first scholarship contest a success! We encourage all eligible African students to participate in our “LinkedIn Challenge” scholarships. For more information, please click here.

Rewarding Education Initiatives

2 Oct

Iduka is an organisation proud to push for more post-secondary school opportunities throughout the entirety of Africa. After all, education means empowerment and the chance to increase ones own quality of life. Iduka’s “LinkedIn® Challenge” Scholarship is the latest opportunity Iduka offers to motivated individuals. But of course Iduka does not for one minute take for granted that primary and secondary schools must also have opportunities in abundance if Africa’s youth are to flourish.

 The Commonwealth Education Good Practice Awards (to be held in August 2012) provide an excellent chance to recognise and reward innovate education practices in primary and secondary education. The deadline for the tri-annual competition is fast approaching (30 November 2011) and entrants in previous years have come from far across the Commonwealth. To qualify, the entrant education practice must have addressed at least one of eight action points:

  • Achieving universal primary education
  • Eliminating gender inequalities in education
  • Improving quality in education
  • Using distance learning to overcome barriers
  • Supporting education in difficult circumstances
  • Mitigating the impact of HIV on education systems
  • Using education to promote sustainable development
  • Promoting civil paths to peace.


Commonwealth Flag

So many schools, projects, and non-profit organisations across Africa do such fantastic work in primary and secondary education. At the last competition in 2009 the victors were from Malaysia, this year let us hope that African endeavours are well-represented. Good luck to all those organisations that enter, without all of their hard work Iduka would face an even harder uphill struggle. For more information on the competition, visit allafrica.


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