World Bank Report: The Road to University Excellence MUST Include Investment in Post-Secondary Education.

12 Oct

The World Bank has just published a new book entitled ‘The Road to Academic Excellence: The Making of World Class Research Universities’. The report analysed eleven institutions that have been undergoing transformations in order to become world-class universities. Key elements for success (of course) include: attracting top academic talent in terms of staff and students, an innovative research outlook, and significant financial investment.

The World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC

Perhaps the more surprising conclusion in the report (though not for Iduka) is that ‘outstanding research universities do not operate in a vacuum’. Tertiary (post-secondary) education systems in operation in the country (particularly low and middle income countries) can significantly affect the success of university institutions. If the post-secondary education is lacking, then ultimately the developing university will not be up to scratch.

Whilst not shocking for Iduka supporters, these findings do hammer home the need for more investment in post-secondary education. Africa has the potential to house many world-class university institutions – but first it must support its world-class students. Well done Eric Gitta and Martha Chidiso for being the most recient scholarship recipients to champion Iduka’s post-secondary education cause!


Photo credit: Shiny Things, Wikipedia


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