What is the role of a local chapter?

6 Nov

“I’ve created a local Iduka Chapter in Tunisia and I’m glad to be part of this project. But now, I don’t know what I should do next. What is the role of my chapter in general, and my role as chapter president in particular? What can I do next?”

Rabeb Aloui, UNESCO Club Iduka Chapter, Tunis, Tunisia

Faculté des Sciences Humaines et Sociales de Tunis, Université de Tunis

What is the role of a local chapter?

Iduka Chapters are instrumental to the success of our program at the local level. The local Iduka Chapter is responsible for our local outreach campaigns and for making sure that all information from Iduka and the National Council is accurately disseminated to all students associated with the chapter.

To be a bit more specific, within the current context of the “LinkedIn® Challenge” Scholarship, the local chapter is responsible for:

  • Raising awareness about the scholarship and registering students;
  • Providing training and mentorship to students applying for the scholarship.
Note: For a complete list of tasks and activities, please click here.

Chapters with more members will qualify for personalized trained sessions. These training sessions will cover the registration and application process, and will be scheduled according to each chapter overall membership ranking.

What is the role of the chapter’s President?

A chapter’s president serves as a liaison between Iduka and local students, as well as a link between the local chapter and the National Council.

A good chapter president will be proactive in planning and developing chapter activities that are aligned with current scholarship initiatives, awareness campaigns, and other Iduka regional projects.

Leadership training pertaining to the ongoing “LinkedIn® Challenge” Scholarship will be provide to chapter officers. The chapter leadership will in turn be responsible to transfer that knowledge to their chapter’s members, particularly to those students who are applying for a scholarship.

Thank you, Rabeb for these two great questions!

Do you have a question?

Please send your questions with your picture or the picture of your school to iduka.chapters@gmail.com.

If your question is selected, we will feature it on this blog. This will help us create a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section for our ongoing “LinkedIn® Challenge” Scholarship.

Thanks in advance for your participation!


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