3 Questions About Recommendations

19 Nov

“What is the required format for Letters of Recommendation? Can Iduka provide a template students can use when requesting a Letter of Recommendation? How many Letters of Recommendation are students required to submit with their scholarship application?” — Olusola Bamidele George, Program Director at African Citizen’s Empowerment Foundation in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria

Olusola Bamidele George, Ondo State, Nigeria

Answer to question 1:

Students are asked to request Letters of Recommendation via LinkedIn and must follow LinkedIn’s guidelines. Requesting recommendations on LinkedIn is as simple as 1-2-3. For example, students can from their LinkedIn profile:

1. Choose the position under their Experience or Education section that they want to be recommended for.
2. Ask a direct contact on their LinkedIn network to endorse them.
3. Provide specific details to their endorsers.

Answer to question 2:

No. Iduka does not provide a form letter for recommendations. However, since students must submit their letters of recommendation via LinkedIn, they must follow LinkedIn’s guidelines when asking for a recommendation from their teachers, professors, and colleagues.

It is the responsibility of local Iduka Chapters to help their students provide endorsers with samples they can use as guidance. When asking for a recommendation, students should be prepared to provide specific details to their endorsers. Even though these are people they presumably know well, to be mindful of their time, it is a good idea to provide them with a sample they can customize. Unfortunately, at this time endorsers will not be able to recommend any volunteer position you list on your LinkedIn profile under the Volunteer section.

For an overview of how Recommendations work on LinkedIn, please click here.

Answer to question 3:

To be considered for this scholarship initiative, students must have at least 5 recommendations on their LinkedIn profile. However, they can request and post as many recommendations as they would like. An high number of solid recommendation will greatly enhance your chances of getting a scholarship. It is also important to note that LinkedIn recommendations can only be requested from student’s direct contacts on LinkedIn, and that endorsers can only recommend you as a Colleague, Service Provider, Business Partner or Student. Therefore, the number of possible recommendations students can attain is limited to the number of 1st degree connections of their LinkedIn network that can provide an endorsement of their skills and accomplishments at school and work place.

It is the responsibility of local Iduka Chapters to mentor their students on how to request a LinkedIn Recommendation.

To learn more on How to request a recommendation on LinkedIn, please click here.

Even though LinkedIn recommendations are not as formal as the traditional reference letters, we feel that they provide us with a more transparent way to vet our scholarship applicants.

A big thanks to Olusola and his team in Ondo State, Nigeria! We will soon post the other question you’ve sent us.

Do you have a question?

Please send your questions with your picture or the picture of your school to iduka.chapters@gmail.com.

If your question is selected, we will feature it on this blog. This will help us create a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section for our ongoing “LinkedIn® Challenge” Scholarship.

Thanks in advance for your participation!


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