What are the photo requirements?

20 Nov

“Is a photograph required when applying for the “LinkedIn® Challenge” scholarship? If so, what type of photo and how do students send their photos? ”  Olusola Bamidele George, Program Director at African Citizen’s Empowerment Foundation in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria

Nigeria Political Map (Source: Wikipedia)

Another good question from Olusola in the Sunshine State, Nigeria. To apply students must create and complete a LinkedIn profile. Part of getting to 100% completion is uploading a photo. Here is what students need to know when uploading a photo to their LinkedIn profile:

  1. Upload a professional looking head-shot picture.
  2. Preferred file type is a JPG, PNG, or GIF.
  3. File size cannot exceed 4MB.
  4. A good pixel size to avoid uploading issues should not exceed 500×500 pixels.

Still having problems uploading the photo? Try a different browser.

If students have problems uploading their photos after following the above tips, they should try using a different browser. For example, if using IE, try uploading the photo with Firefox. That seems to resolve this problem.

Very Important:

Please note that LinkedIn has a very rigid and straight forward Photo Policy. Students need to know that their profile photo can be removed by LinkedIn if their profile image is not their “likeness or a head-shot” photo. If LinkedIn removes a profile photo, students still have a chance to upload a different photo to remedy this situation. However, if LinkedIn removes a photo 3 times, students will no longer be able to upload another photo to their profile – and they will not be able to participate in this initiative.

To learn more about LinkedIn Photo Policy and User Agreement, please click here.

Do you have a question?

Please send your questions with your picture or the picture of your school to iduka.chapters@gmail.com.

If your question is selected, we will feature it on this blog. This will help us create a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section for our ongoing “LinkedIn® Challenge” Scholarship.

Thanks in advance for your participation!


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