Jolandie Rust Appointed Goodwill Ambassador of Iduka


PORT SAINT LUCIE, April 26 2011 – Renowned South African cyclist Jolandie Rust was appointed Goodwill Ambassador of Iduka Corporation. As Iduka Goodwill Ambassador, she will represent Iduka’s African pilot project for the duration of her 25,000 miles cycle tour of Africa.

As Iduka’s Good Will Ambassador, Jolandie Rust will deliver an open letter to African leaders in each of the 32 countries she will visit, calling on them to promote and protect higher education in Africa. Moreover, in partnership with Iduka, Rust will be raising funds and awarding scholarships to local students along the way. A vital aspect of this role will be for Rust to mobilize volunteers in all African countries. Together, Rust and Iduka will be assisting African students achieve their goals of post-secondary or tertiary education.

For Rust, education means opportunities and prosperity in Africa. “With education comes more knowledge and skills. Through education you improve yourself as a person, and together…a nation” she says, just a day before departure. Rust will be the first woman to solo circumnavigate the world’s second largest continent on a bicycle. She hopes that her work promoting higher education on behalf of Iduka on this epic 2 ½ year journey will inspire youths throughout Africa, particularly marginalized girls, to follow their dreams of a better future.

Rust will depart from Cape Town on the April 27 – which is also known as Freedom Day in South Africa, a day of hope and opportunity. The role of Good Will Ambassador for Iduka will give Rust the opportunity to establish an important and lasting relationship between Iduka and all local governments interested in promoting and protecting higher education in Africa.

Editor’s Note:

About Jolandie Rust

Jolandie Rust grew up in Kempton Park, east of Johannesburg. She started her cycling career in 2004 with a tour of Israel. In 2008 she cycled from Johannesburg to Cape Town. On January 10, 2010 she became the first woman to cycle solo around South Africa. Rust’s next adventure is schedule to start in South Africa on Freedom Day, April 27, 2011.

About Iduka Corporation

Iduka is a U.S. based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote post-secondary education by connecting students with micro-donors and community service organizations through an interest free micro-loan and grant program. The corporation is currently developing and implementing a pilot project in Africa targeting undeserved, underrepresented, and underprivileged students.

PR and Media Contact

For additional information about Iduka or Jolandie, please visit or, or contact Miguel Martim at +1-772-335-9030.


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