To better serve our students, our goal is to have a local chapter in every administrative region of every country. To start a local Iduka chapter all you need is to get together with four of your friends and register it here.

We also encourage our field partners to register under a local chapter to ensure their representation at the National Council level. Depending on their status and number of members, each local Iduka chapter will have one or more seats at the National Council.

Instructions On How To Start a Local Chapter:

  1. Invite four (4) of your friends or colleagues to register a local Iduka Chapter.
  2. Fill out the registration form online.
  3. Wait for Iduka’s approval to start recruiting additional members.

Instruction On How To Join a Local Chapter:

  1. Individual members can join here.
  2. Make sure you understand what is requested of each member.
  3. Select the chapter you want to join from the online form drop-down list.
If you cannot identify a local chapter in area, get engaged and start one.
Local chapters are a vital component of our outreach program and will play an active role in the screening our grantees.
Together we can make post-secondary education more affordable for all.

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