National Councils

The National Council with the assistance of Local Chapters will be responsible for coordinating Iduka’s activities in your country and for the preliminary screening of local students to be submitted to Iduka’s Scholarship Advisory Board for approval.

Anyone can start a local chapter. To start a Local Chapter in your area, please register here. Iduka will appoint the National Council officers on a per case basis and as soon as we register enough Local Chapters in each and every country interested in our programs.

Local Chapter Roles and Responsibilities

A) Outreach Campaign Tasks and Activities

  • Student Relations

    • Design student outreach campaign to mobilize students.
    • Develop chapter leadership and organize committees.
    • Recruit members.
  • University Relations

    • Create a list of local university contacts.
    • Make scholarship announcements at local universities.
    • Contact university student unions, associations, and clubs.
  • Public Relations

    • Create a Press List (local tv, radio, print media contacts).

    • Contact press when advised.
    • Disseminate Press Releases provided by Iduka’s Communications through all media, university, and government contacts.
  • Government Relations

    • Create a list of government contacts.
    • Establish contact with local department of education.
    • Inform government officials of scholarships awarded to local students.

B) Student Screening Tasks and Activities

  • Student outreach campaigns

    • Assist Local Chapters with adequate training.
    • Promote Iduka’s programs through seminars and workshops at local schools and civic centers.
    • Invite students to sign our Open Letter to African Leaders;
    • Alert students about our various social media outlets, and invite them to stay informed about our ongoing initiatives by:
      • subscribing our blog
      • following our LinkedIn® Company Page
      • joining their country group on LinkedIn
      • liking our FaceBook fan page
      • following us on Twitter
  • Training

    • Make sure all volunteers are adequately trained.
    • Make sure all volunteers play a role.
    • Make sure all volunteers feel they are adding value to the project.
  • Special projects, such as LinkedIn Challenge

    • Develop workshops
    • Make presentations
    • Establish study groups

C) “LinkedIn® Challenge” Scholarship Tasks and Activities

  • Raising awareness about the scholarship and registering students (Toolkit coming soon)

    • Coordinating a well orchestrated campaign to reach out to students, universities, governments, and local media.
    • Reach out to other student and youth organizations.
    • Promote Iduka’s programs through seminars and workshops at local schools and community centers.
  • Training

    • Screen and pre-register students.
    • Assist students create and complete their LinkedIn® profiles according to the scholarship’s evaluation criteria.
    • Help students getting their online recommendations from teachers, professors, and local community leaders.
    • Help students become familiar with scholarship evaluation criteria.
  • Special projects, such as LinkedIn Challenge

    • Develop workshops.
    • Make presentations.
    • Establish study groups.

6 Responses to “National Councils”

  1. Ntiokam,Divine June 4, 2011 at 11:07 pm #

    Hello fellow volunteers,

    I`m so grateful that definitely all materials for you to keep working hard have being created by the IDUKA Team.

    Please make good use of this and remember this phrase: YES WE CAN!

  2. Dear all,

    This blog contains useful information. I am doing an exercise of reading. We will set up a local Outreach Chapter or join as Field partner.

    Thank you for this outstanding work done by the IDUKA team!

    From Burundi,
    Jean-Claude Kamwenubusa.

    • Iduka June 5, 2011 at 9:26 pm #

      All local organizations aligned with Iduka’s educational focus areas can apply to become an Iduka FIELD PARTNER and simultaneously start their own OUTREACH CHAPTER. These local chapters, however, are not limited to NGOs. Any individual can start a local chapter with a small group of friends. We look forward to working with you and your organization in Burundi!

  3. THOMSON V MASANJA June 6, 2011 at 3:07 am #

    Dear all,
    The wonders is within our blood stream I hope if we stand together we can. Let us power Iduka’s planning to succeed.
    Thomson from TANZANIA.

  4. mensa tsedze July 2, 2011 at 6:20 am #

    Nous voulons la confirmation de la création de notre comité locale.


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