Field Partners

One of our priorities during the Pilot Phase of our African project is to identify and select local field partners.

Our program calls for two different types of field partners:

(1) Student Sponsor Organizations; and

(2) Student Volunteer Organizations.

Student Sponsor Organizations are local nonprofit organizations willing to sponsor and monitor local students participating in our program; and Student Volunteer Organizations are local nonprofit organizations or community based organizations where students will “pay off” their grants by volunteering their time in local community projects.

If your organization can perform the roles and responsibilities indicated below and is interested in partnering with Iduka, please fill out the Field Partner Application form.

Field Partners In:

Central Africa

East Africa

Kisima Initiative

North Africa

Southern Africa

West Africa


Field Partner Roles and Responsibilities

There are a few key responsibilities expected from our field partners, namely:

Student Outreach

  • Establish student chapters in every administrative region of the country, and collaborate with other local Field Partners to achieve this goal.
  • Identifying, screening and submitting prospective participants for Iduka’s final approval.
  • Reviewing local candidates forwarded by Iduka (local students who have contacted Iduka directly).
  • Managing the logistics of the selection and interviewing process, including assignments of applicants to readers and interview panels, distribution of student files to interview panelists in advance of interview, recording and analyzing of scores submitted by judges, and reporting results of the process.
  • Create and manage portfolio of participating students.

Student Record Keeping

  • Maintaining all proper records, including drawing up contracts with new students and negotiating terms with financial aid officers and other scholarship programs.
  • Keeping track of student volunteer hours.
  • Preparing a draft annual budget for the program, monitor spending and the financial management of the program, including records of all money transactions with students.
  • Facilitating all Iduka audits.

Student Assistance, Supervision, and Promotion

  • Assist students with their online profiles and subsequent online profile updates.
  • Disburse moneys to educational institution student is attending or to the student if that applies.
  • Follow-up interviews to make sure the student is getting all the support they need, is volunteering as mandated by contract, is using the funds properly.
  • Interviewing participating students regularly.
  • Managing the public relations and press strategy for announcing new scholarships.

Community Outreach

  • Develop and implement a public relations and communications plan.
  • Develop and implement a social media plan.
  • Create a local press list.
  • Network with other community based organizations and develop a relationship with local government officials.
  • Submit monthly blog posts to our Field Partner section.
  • Managing the organization, content, and production of an annual newsletter.

Special Projects

  • Organize and manage local Cycle For Education activities.
  • Develop, organize, and coordinate special events.

Field Partners Benefits

Taking into account the balance that must exist to avoid creating “NGO dependency”, our partnership initiatives favor developing a sustainability model that focuses on three main areas of capacity building of local resources:

  • Communications
    • Web-based initiatives
    • Newsletters and blogs
    • Email and online list-serves o Media exposure both national and international
    • Exposure at conferences o Networking, information sharing and dissemination
  • Training
    • Providing up-front program level training to each new Field Partner
    • Ongoing training during project level during all phases of the Pilot Project
    • Business planning, organizational management, and institutional monitoring
    • Skills in project formulation, management, implementation activities, monitoring and providing regular evaluation based on key performance indicators
  • Support
    • Resource mobilization (financial as well as non-financial)
    • Sharing resources in support of joint fundraising initiatives
    • Paying student processing fee (if applicable)
    • Defining, developing, and implementing joint projects with Iduka
    • Identifying sources of funding for joint projects with Iduka
    • Writing grant proposals for joint projects benefiting both organizations

If your organization can perform the roles and responsibilities indicated above and is interested in partnering with Iduka, please fill out the Field Partner Application form.


4 Responses to “Field Partners”

  1. makela73 June 7, 2011 at 7:12 pm #

    Rattrapage scolaire est la première préoccupation en RDC, que beaucoup des enfants sont en rupture scolaire, à cause de l’impossibilité de parent, par apport de manque d’emploie et finance de micro crédit…


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