North Africa

Our North Africa group covers the following countries:  Algeria,  Egypt,  Libya,  Mauritania,  Morocco,  Tunisia, and  Western Sahara.

We’d like to invite you to meet some of the individuals who are working hard to promote post-secondary education in this region through an innovative interest free micro-loan and scholarship program that connects students with micro-donors and community service organizations.

Let’s start with the person responsible for setting up a very dynamic team of interns working in the region.

Mokhtar Omar, North Africa Coordinator

North Africa Coordinator

Mokhtar Omar, North Africa Coordinator

Mokhtar is responsible for the following teams:

Algeria’s Team

Egypt’s Team

Libya’s Team

Mauritania’s Team

Morocco’s Team

Tunisia’s Team

Western Sahara’s Team

Message from our team in North Africa: Help us protect and revitalize higher education in Africa by signing this online petition – Tell African leaders: stay the course of ensuring MDG 2 without de-funding higher education.

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Thank you for your support!


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