Sponsorship Benefits

Benefits of Sponsoring Iduka’s Campaigns

Click on the link to download the Iduka_Sponsorship_Proposal 2011 (PDF file).

General Benefits

  •  Website promotion.
  • Documentary feature lm and documentary world tour promotion.
  • Corporate logos displayed on all major Jazz For Education and Cycle For Education events, including concerts, pre-concert VIP cocktail parties, and press conferences.
  • Announcements during the concerts for all major sponsors.
  • Advertising space and design for sponsor promotions on websites, in newsletters, and blogs.
  • Corporate logo displayed in Open Letter to African leaders to be hand delivered by Iduka’s Goodwill Ambassador.
  • One-on-one customer service at concert events across Africa.
  • National and international grassroots brand awareness.
  • On-site promotion, literature, and product sales at events.
  • Iduka posters distributed at every opportunity.
  • Unique opportunity to make history by supporting a grassroots movement for education across the world while sponsoring the rst woman to solo cycle-circumnavigate coastal Africa.

Other Benefits

Raising the international profile of your organization as an entity that is fundamentally involved in providing opportunities to underserved African students, development of comprehensive higher-education policy in the region, and the future workforce of the sectors we promote:
  • Girls’ education
  • Careers in education and arts
  • Education of ethnic minorities, refugees, and migrant students
  • Students pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Environment, and Math (STEEM)
  • Students pursuing careers in civil education, good governance, human rights, leadership, and majors promoting social justice


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