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Warm Holiday Wishes

24 Dec

We wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season and a peaceful New Year filled with meaningful relationships, good health, great ideas, and lots-n-lots of scholarships from Iduka.

Image credit: Haneef Bhatti


Happy New Year!

1 Jan

We wish y’all a very happy New Year!

As an all-volunteer organization, we are particularly thankful to all those who during the course of this past year have donated their skills, knowledge, time and effort in support of our mission and students. We must also thank our Board and our volunteer interns who have blessed us tremendously this past year.

Christmas at Iduka Thrift Store - Zachary Martim, Micaella Martim, and Angela Lorefice (Board Secretary)

This last, and first full year of operations has been a great one for Iduka. To focus on our mission we closed the Port St. Lucie Thrift Store in April. Since then we have designed and are currently implementing a series of pilot projects in the United States and Africa. Through this effort we have enrolled more than 150 student volunteer interns, engaged over 5000 online supporters through various social media groups, participated in numerous local initiatives, but most importantly, we awarded our first grant and established our first partnership outside the United States.

We have also joined the blogosphere to document our progress. In less than three months approximately 5000 readers visited our blog. We will continue using this space to raise awareness about our initiatives, make the project more participatory, and share with you many more of our students’ stories. We will also seek to expand the number of topics and invite you to fully participate in our advocacy efforts to make college more affordable for everyone.

There are many ways you can make a difference at Iduka trough donating, volunteering, singing a petition, subscribing our blog, joining our many social network communities and spreading the word, or simply leaving a word of encouragement under our student’s profiles.

We are thankful for your support, feedback and encouragement, and the great work many of you are doing to make higher education possible to students in your communities in the United States and around the world.

We sincerely hope 2011 will see the continuation of the movement we have just started. Together with your support we know we can micro-finance education, one student at a time.

Have a wonderful and prosperous New Year!

Holiday Message

21 Dec

Happy Holidays card by Haneef Bhatti

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our volunteers, donors, supporters, and students, a Holiday Season filled with joy and happiness.

We must also thank in particular those who have signed our online petition and those who have supported our students by reading their online profiles and sharing their stories. Spreading our call to raise enough funds to meet their current education needs is greatly appreciated by all of us at Iduka. Please also make sure you continue to encourage our students by praising their accomplishments and leaving your testimonials under their profiles.

Thank you for your continued support!

Happy Holiday Season to all!

The Iduka team

‘Tis the Season to Give Back: Help Students Across the Globe

12 Dec

The holidays are a special time to give back. During this Holiday Season, please consider supporting one or more of our promising college students.

Your small investment of $10 or more will make a world of difference in enriching their education. It will also encourage reciprocity, since all our scholarship recipients must volunteer to pay back their grants.

Here are a couple of students to inspire your philanthropic passion:

Haneef Bhatti

Santa Monica College, California, USA

Status: Accepting donations.

Haneef Bhatti, Santa Monica College, Santa Monica

Haneef is a full-time student at Santa Monica College and needs help to pay tuition fees. He is assisting Iduka with his graphic design and artistic skills.




Neville Albert

Mohamed Amin Television Training Centre, Nairobi, Kenya

Status: Funded!

Neville Albert, Mohamed Amin Television Training Centre, Nairobi

Neville was recently awarded a scholarship by Thomson Reuters in Kenya to study at world-renowned Mohamed Amin Television Training Centre in Nairobi. He needs your help to pay for room and board. $750 will cover room and board expenses for one semester.

Neville is helping Iduka design a video documenting system to monitor its iAPP activities on the ground.




Please donate using JustGive.org (dollars) or Betterplace.org (euros).

Help us spread the word by using the buttons below to share this fundraising event.

Holiday Mail For Heroes

8 Dec

Northern California’s Dublin High School Red Cross Club sent Holiday cards as a project of the Holiday Mail For Heroes 2010 drive promoted by the club. Photos below are of Mariana Martim and some of the other dedicated Dublin High volunteers who made this project possible.

Mariana, Dublin High School

Kaila, Dublin High School

Monica and Sara, Dublin High School

The students enjoyed writing cards to service members, veterans, and their families as part of this initiative sponsored by the American Red Cross and Pitney Bowes.

Rebecca, Rayna, and Jaime, Dublin High School

DHS students writing holiday cards to service members

DHS Red Cross Club members

The holiday cards were designed by Haneef Bhatti, a student at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles, California and donated to the group by Iduka as part of its student outreach program.

Mailing Holiday Cards

We wish all our service members a Holiday Season filled with joy and happiness.

Thank you for your service!

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