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Another Scholarship Contest Winner

9 Oct

Iduka would like to congratulate, Eric Gitta, the recipient of the most recent scholarship contest election.

Eric is post-graduate student in Education Administration and Management at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.

Eric Gitta, Uganda

This scholarship recognizes Eric’s academic achievement as well as his volunteer work as General Secretary for Substance Abuse and Violence Episode Reduction (SAVER UGANDA), where he exercised his leadership skills in managing the organization’s daily operations.

As with all our scholarships, recipients are asked to serve their communities in meaningful ways. Eric was instrumental in promoting Iduka’s programs to local university students in Uganda during the initial phase of our pilot project . He is now actively reaching out to local rural students through his very own Education for Rural Impecunious Children (ERIC). We commend his dedication to providing basic educational opportunities to rural-African students.

Thanks to everyone who applied and made our first scholarship contest a success! We encourage all eligible African students to participate in our “LinkedIn Challenge” scholarships. For more information, please click here.


Iduka “LinkedIn® Challenge” Scholarship

25 Sep

To celebrate President Barack Obama’s visit to LinkedIn Corporation on Monday, Iduka is excited to offer through its African Pilot Project, a number of “LinkedIn® Challenge” Scholarships.

President Barack Obama

Iduka was formed in response to the need to make college more affordable in our communities, our nation, and the world. In early December 2008, a group of Obama For America volunteers from Port St. Lucie, Florida met to organize a program to help students reach their goal of higher education. The group established a financial aid process that can bring meaningful change in our society.

The purpose of these Iduka “LinkedIn® Challenge” Scholarships is to make post-secondary education more affordable for our African Pilot Project students and to give them a chance to pay back by volunteering in their local communities. Scholarship recipients must agree to volunteer at local Iduka Chapters to promote our programs and the value of professional social networking that LinkedIn has to offer to college students around the world.

“LinkedIn is expanding rapidly. We have two new members joining every second.” Said Miguel Martim, Iduka’s volunteer Excutive Director and a LinkedIn employee. “Everyone from top CEO’s to President Barack Obama has a LinkedIn profile. We want our students to learn the basics of LinkedIn and start to develop a strategy for success while they’re still in college.”

We encourage all eligible African students, including our student volunteer interns to participate in this challenge. For more information about eligibility and application instructions, please click here.


(Image source: The White House. Author: Pete Souza. LinkedIn is a registered trademark of LinkedIn Corporation.)

Iduka Partnership with A.I.D. (Advocacy Initiative for Development) in Sierra Leone!

28 Apr

Iduka is proud to announce a partnership with Advocacy Initiative for Development (AID) Organisation based in Sierra Leone. AID began as a youth services agency but, after incredible success, has expanded to encompass broad-based programmes that offer educational and vocational training, advocacy for human rights, and services that promote the development of whole communities.

Founder of AID, Sylvanus Murray, facilitates computer training

AID has now taken on the role of Iduka Field Partner as part of Iduka’s Africa Pilot Project (iAPP), and will have the important responsibility of selecting, supporting and developing Iduka’s scholarship recipients. Mr. Sylvannus Murray (pictured) is the founder of AID and is now a Vice Chair on the Executive Committee for Iduka, assisting student development in West Africa.

As an iAPP Partner, AID has several key responsibilities, including:

  • The selection and submission of students for Iduka’s scholarship scheme
  • Reviewing student candidates that are forwarded by Iduka (local students that have contacted Iduka directly)
  • Personally interviewing student candidates
  • Maintaining records of each student
  • Assisting students with their online profiles and subsequent online profile updates
  • Managing the scholarship moneys that are payable to the educational institution that the student is attending
  • Conducting follow-up interviews to make sure the students are getting all the support they need, and are actively volunteering in their community.

Of course, no student can benefit from Iduka’s education scholarships without a committed Field Partner working within the community to provide the vital student support. Moreover, local Iduka volunteers rely on Field Partners such as AID for leadership, mentoring and opportunities to make a difference. The networks and relationships that will result from the AID-Iduka partnership will create international awareness of the importance of higher education in Africa, and this partnership will also offer more education, skills and livelihood opportunities for students in Sierra Leone.

Sylvanus Murray working with volunteers

About AID:

Sylvanus Murray created AID in with the dream of establishing an organisation that advocates for the rights of humanity and offers services for the holistic development of people and their communities. Initially focusing on programmes such as education, health care, skills training, income generation schemes, youth empowerment and protecting women’s rights, the organisation soon expanded to include:

  • Human rights education
  • Gender and women empowerment
  • Child welfare
  • The eradication of human trafficking
  • Good governance
  • Sanitation and hygiene
  • Peace and security…

… to name a few.

With this level of commitment to the development of African nations it is certain that, together, Iduka and AID (and all of Iduka’s partners) will push forward the post-secondary education agenda in Africa.

Scholarship Contest: Step 3

27 Feb

Bevis Omondi, Kenya Coordinator

Step 3: Selection

The iAPP scholarship committee will review, score, and interview all applicants that have advanced to the second round. Scholarship application reviewers will be given application package with personal information hidden from view to guarantee an honest and unbiased review and scoring.

Applicants who are asked to interview will be contacted by Email during the month of May to schedule an interview.

What are we looking for?

In order to be best considered, you should know that we are looking for the following criteria when evaluating your application:

  • How well you match our scholarship target areas.
  • Demonstrated service and commitment to your community.
  • Long-term goals and aspirations.
  • Leadership potential.
  • Well written essay with examples that showcase your passion for higher education.

Iduka’s Scholarship Committee will make the final selection of the five (5) female and five (5) male applicants to be submitted for peer-voting based on need and who best meets the established criteria. Applicants will be informed no later than Tuesday, May 31, 2011 of the scholarship committee’s decisions.

Deadline reminder

Do not forget that to qualify your nomination, application, essay, and petition must be completed by April 29, 2011. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Please contact our representative(s) in your country should you have additional questions. You may also send your queries to info (at) iduka (dot) org. Please type “Scholarship Contest” on the subject line.

The best of luck to all applicants!

Scholarship Contest: Step 1

16 Feb

David Takawira, Zimbabwe Coordinator

Step 1: Nomination & Application

The nomination & application is the first step in a four-part process of our scholarship contest. To become an applicant you must be nominated by a third party. The nominator should be someone who can confirm your desire to pursue your post-secondary education and your qualifications, strengths, and abilities to meet the demands of a rigorous curriculum. Examples of nominators include, but are not limited to, teachers, college professors, community & religious leaders, and officers at a local community based organizations.

In order to be considered for the Iduka Scholarship Contest, you also need to fill out the online application form and write a 500 word essay. You are also required to sign Iduka’s online petition by requested deadline.

All nominations, applications, essay, and petition must be completed by April 29, 2011.

Please contact our representative(s) in your country should you have additional questions. You may also send your queries to info (at) iduka (dot) org. Please type “Scholarship Contest” on the subject line.

The best of luck to all applicants!

Mag Ngwira, Mozambique Coordinator


Scholarship Deadline Extension

11 Feb

Raphael Njararuhi, Somalia Coordinator

We have extended our application deadline for the Iduka Scholarship Contest from February 28 to April 29. To apply, be sure to submit the online nominee application form, the nomination form, and the essay form. Also, please make sure to sign our current online petition by requested deadline.

Click on the link to learn more about the Iduka Scholarship Contest.

Best of luck to all students!… and a word of appreciation to all our student outreach members, including those not pictured below!



Need more time to apply?

8 Feb

Joseph Waweru, Raphael Njararuhi, Mohamed Elmi - Iduka Somalia

Joseph Waweru, Hussein Hosh, Raphael Njararuhi - Iduka Somalia


Shehab Mekky, Egypt Coordinator


1) Click here to sign online petition.

2) And here for application instructions.


Call For Scholarship Nominations

4 Feb

Junior Kashala, D.R. Congo Student Volunteer Intern

The 2011 Iduka Scholarship Contest is now accepting nominations.

Iduka will be awarding two scholarships to underserved, underrepresented, and/or underprivileged African students who reside and intend to pursue post-secondary education in an African country participating in Iduka’s Africa Pilot Project (iAPP).

We encourage all eligible African students, including our student volunteer interns to participate in this contest.

  • Student application must be completed and submitted by February 11, 2011.
  • The nomination, the student essay, and the online petition signing are due on February 28, 2011.

To learn more about the 2011 Iduka Scholarship Contest, please visit this…



Neville Albert, Kenya - Scholarship Recipient

Micro-financing education, one student at a time.

Do not hesitate to contact our representatives in your country if you need any assistance regarding this initiative. You may also leave your queries or comments on this blog page.


Scholarship Contest: Application Guidelines

1 Feb

Satang Nabaneh, The Gambia Coordinator & Regional Secretary

Many of you have requested more information about our upcoming scholarship contest. So we decided to compile a sample of your queries and share with all of our online friends. Applying to Iduka’s scholarship contest is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Make sure you are eligible.

2. Ask someone familiar with your academic and leadership abilities to nominate you.

3. Fill out and submit the Nominee Application Form.

Am I eligible to participate in this scholarship contest?

  • Applicants must be residents of an African country participating in our Iduka Africa Pilot Project (iAPP).
  • Applicants must be enrolled or applying to a post-secondary education institution/program accredited by local government.
  • Applicants must agree to pay back grant by volunteering at Iduka and/or at other local nonprofit organizations.
  • Applicants must be nominated by someone who can confirm your qualifications to pursue post-secondary education.
  • Applicants must submit a typed, taped or videotaped essay addressing one essay question, your career goals and the reason why a particular post-secondary institution was chosen.
  • Applicants must submit one photo.

Can interns also participate?

Yes. We encourage all our eligible student volunteer interns to apply.

When is the deadline for the application?

Both nomination and student application need to be submitted by April 29, 2011, midnight Easter Standard Time.

Wilfred Tanibum, Cameroon Coordinator



When can I apply?

The Application Form as well as the Nomination Form will be available online on Monday, February 7, 2011.

In the meantime eligible students who are interested in participating should contact prospective sponsors to act as their nominators. Applicants can also start  signing our current online petition requesting African leaders to protect and revitalize higher education.

How will Iduka evaluate applicants?

The Country Coordinator(s) overseeing Iduka’s pilot project in the country of residency of student will be responsible for initial screening of applicants. Upon initial evaluation, Country Coordinator(s) will submit all eligible applicants to the Scholarship Committee for further evaluation.

Iduka will use the following guidelines to evaluate each applicant:

Nominator’s recommendation – 20 pts

Nominee’s application – 20 pts

Nominee’s essay – 30 pts

Interview – 30 pts

Saida Ounissi, Tunisia Coordinator

How will Iduka select finalists?

Iduka in consultation with Country Coordinators and Sub-Region Coordinators will make the final selection by the end of May. A total of five (5) male and five (5) female applicants will then be submitted for popular voting.

When will Iduka select finalists?

Applicants will be informed by the end of May of the Scholarship Committee’s decisions.

When will voting take place?

Voting will take place online during a period of 30 days starting on June 1, 2011.

How will Iduka choose the winner?

The male and female candidates with most votes will be awarded an Iduka scholarship to be disbursed the following school term.

If you have any questions, please contact our representative in your country or email us at info (at) iduka (dot) org.

Good luck to y’all!

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